ADS Advanced Data Services, Inc.


PIA, SRIR and Audit Help

After ADS files the FCC Form 471 and the associated Item 21 attachments, Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) and Selective Review Information Request (SRIR) Reviewers check application information for completeness and accuracy. At times, they may have additional questions. ADS answers all of these question for its Clients and documents the activity. All applications go through an initial review and a final review, which may involve questions from PIA Reviewers on one or more of the following topics:

  • Eligibility of the entities receiving service (this review step generally occurs for entities that have not appeared on a previous application),
  • Eligibility of the services requested,
  • Discount calculations,
  • Contracts,
  • The competitive bidding process; and
  • Any discrepancies between the information on the funding request and the associated Item 21 attachment.

Some applications will undergo additional reviews, like a Selective Review Information Request. More detailed responses may be required, such as:

  • Documentation of the competitive bidding and vendor selection processes,
  • Documentation of the applicants ability to pay the non-discount share; and
  • Proof that the applicant has obtained necessary resources - e.g., hardware, software, staff training, electrical capacity, retrofitting - that are not eligible for Schools and Libraries Program discounts but that must be in place to make effective use of the discounted services.

The ADS service assures timely responses to requests for information from USAC about your application are made, as it is essential to receive prompt decisions on funding requests.