ADS Advanced Data Services, Inc.


FRN Management

The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), the administrator of the federal universal service support mechanism for schools and libraries (known as the E-rate program), is responsible for ensuring that E-rate program funding is disbursed in compliance with the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations and orders governing the program. In addition, USAC has a fiduciary duty to protect the Universal Service Fund and the universal service support mechanisms (collectively, the USF) from waste, fraud, and abuse.

Participation in the Payment Quality Assurance (PQA) Program is required as a condition of receiving universal service support. When selected, Schools and Libraries Program beneficiaries have 10 days to gather and submit the materials requested for carrying out the payment assessment. PQA responses are included with the ADS Service.

USAC audits are designed to ensure compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and program requirements. Many, but not all of the applicants to be audited are randomly selected. If audited, an announcement letter will be sent detailing the purpose and scope of the audit, identifying the personnel who will be performing the audit, making a request for pertinent data, and stating the date upon which the data is due. ADS strives to have every application ready for the potential of an audit.

The ADS flat rate for E-rate Consulting includes addressing and responding to PQA inquiries. However, ADS cannot factor in the cost to support an applicant if audited. A separate statement of work is negotiated to address audits as they are not common.