ADS Advanced Data Services, Inc.


ADS has been providing E-Rate consulting services since 2003. Below are some client testimonials:

Prior to working with Dan Kettwich and ADS, our School District had never received any E-Rate Reimbursement. Overcoming a negative mindset for success with E-Rate was difficult. Dan accomplished this task by taking the appropriate time to explain everything in great detail.
We, through no fault of our own, experienced minor cash flow concerns. We asked ADS to help us restructure pricing terms with our vendors and maintain compliance with E-Rate. ADS did a great job helping our school!
A Selective Review was issued and the appropriate documentation had to be provided. However, we did not have all the documentation required, as our previous consultant did not document activities as we thought they had. ADS worked with the school, former consultant and USAC to demonstrate the Fair and Competitive Bidding process was completed in a complaint fashion.
At the time, BIA (now BIE) would not certify our technology plan. As a result, we had never received E-Rate reimbursement and were hesitant to apply. ADS worked to provide 3rd party Tech Plan Certification and ultimately BIE certification. We have has been in receipt of reimbursement ever since.
We are a first time applicant that has a small student population, but a very diverse geographic footprint. Consolidation and collection of information was very challenging, as each location is its own P&L center. ADS has the required system tools, persistence, and patience — we anxiously await a positive Priority 2 Video Conferencing FCDL.