ADS Advanced Data Services, Inc.


E-Rate Program Overview

ADS deploys an interview concept to capture information and assure program compliance. The interviews are as follows:
1. Technology Planning Interview - Assure Technology Requirements are Addressed.
2. Form 470 Interview - Assure Reimbursement is sought for all Eligible Services.
3. Form 471 Interview - Assure Fair and Competitive Bidding Process is Well Documented.
4. CIPA Interview - Assure CIPA Requirements are Satisfied.
5. Reimbursement Interview - Assure Accurate Reimbursement is Sought for Approved FCDLs.
6. Reconciliation Interview - Assure Proper Levels of funding are Received.

To better understand the timeline, please see the E-rate Application Process.

Eligible Services

The Eligible Services List (ESL) for each funding year provides guidance on the eligibility of products and services under the E-Rate program.
2017-18 Eligible Services List (pdf)
2016-17 Eligible Services List (pdf)
2015-16 Eligible Services List (pdf)
2014-15 Eligible Services List (pdf)
2013-14 Eligible Services List (pdf)
2012-13 Eligible Services List (pdf)
2011-12 Eligible Services List (pdf)